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Spring Fling!

One of my favourite seasons of the year is finally upon us – Spring!

Not only do the birds break into song and flowers start to blossom, but it’s also the time of year when people pack away their winter woollies and start to show a little more skin as the sun comes out to play.

How do you feel about flashing your belly right now? The thought of doing so can leave some people “gasping” others “gulping” and to be honest, I feel exactly the same way!  Lots of people spend their time in winter mumbling about cold mornings wishing away the days as they look forward to warmer times. If you’re not quite ready to bear your body or your belly (!), read on for my key tips to a quick body revamp. Start now and you’ll definitely be on the right track in time for summer!


I can’t emphasise enough the importance of fuelling your body correctly. Not only does the right food and drink whittle away your waistline but it also has capability to improve your mood and shift your mindset. Personally, I’ve noticed that when my body feels healthy on the inside, I’m more motivated towards kicking my goals. More on this in my next blog.


If you haven’t already started, spring is the time to act. Don’t delay! It takes about 12 weeks for a visible transformation to take place if you’re wishing to drastically change body shape or size, but a lot less if you’re simply wanting to tone up and strengthen your muscles into the long, lean ones that most people desire. Hey, I’m 6’2 so I can definitely share some more insight about the ‘long’ of it and I will definitely be doing so in the near future – watch this space!

Skin Care

When people notice that someone looks particularly healthy, it won’t always simply be the size of their waistline or the shade of their skin (i.e. holiday tan!). Without even realising, you probably also subconsciously analyse the health of their skin and perhaps not only on their face. This includes aspects of clarity, luminosity, pigmentation and cellulite. The right nutrition will fuel your skin to perform at its absolute best, no chemicals needed.

Annika x